What happens when we take Kambo

An initial conversation is the first step to establish whether Kambo is for you. I will feel into what you need and to plan your Kambo treatment which best suits the individual. To send you the protocol for preparation leading up to your treatment and what you need to bring with you.  

You will be welcomed into a sacred space, to feel grounded and supported to allow your deep process to be healed. Opening with song of what we would like to bring into our life, and what we would like to leave behind, anything from behavioral patterns to health and prays for all humanity!

Following the consultation you will be asked to drink up to 2 liters of water.

You points will be opened for the kambo to enter into your Lymphatic system.As Kambo enters the Lymphatic system the heart rate and blood pressure will rise sometimes causing hot flushes tingling sensations. Then the blood pressure will drop tp enhance a feeling of lightness where you may feel weak. Kambo will scan the body like an x-ray in search of areas that it need to be healed. The purge (vomit) is where unwanted toxins are released on the physical and emotional level. The treatment will last between 20 to 40minutes.

Some people feel to lay down and rest at this stage when tea and fruits will be offered. Where you will be invited to share any feelings that you may have.

I will then apply an ointment from the Amazon to seal the open skin, there are two options 1. Dragons blood, (Sangre De Drago ~ in Spanish or Copaiba oil

Depending on your skin type as to how long it may take the kambo scares to heal and to disappear. I will ask you to be in touch within the next days to inform me of how you are doing