You will receive a document to instruct you of the preparation leading up to your treatment, also what to bring and what to wear. To be lightly encouraged to allow that day to be peaceful and to invite rest and integration. This is also the time that you will share your physical and mental status so we are clear that it is safe for you to sit with Kambo as it is not for everyone!

Private treatments ~To include a consultation where we look closely at the emotional and physical aspects. 80 euros between 2 ~ 3 hours.

Group treatments ~ 60 euros take anywhere from 2 hours plus depends on size of the small group, which is no more than 8 so I can give my attention to all.

With all treatments, we have a wonderful opportunity to work with the Acupuncture Meridian Points, Chakra, Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture point)

For those who it is not possible to have kambo due to financial reason please contact me.

Please contact me to know the next date scheduled for group treatments.