About me – Joanne

It is wonderful that you have arrived, ’Welcome to Gratitude Kambo.

I feel honoured to be part of IAKP ~ International Association Of Kambo Practitioners. Where I follow the Code of Ethics. Please see www.iakp.org for more details.

I was very intrigued when I first heard of Kambo, I studied a few articles and I decided that I will become a practitioner. With never having taken Kambo before. I listened to my intuition, I followed my heart, I left the fear to one side trusted, and today I feel very connected and truly blessed to part of this great Universal Healing.

My life’s Quest for 30 years has strengthened my skills to be able to facilitate others to journey and release deep trauma. With the importance of high vibrational foods detoxification of the physical, energetic emotional, spiritual body.

If you are interested to know more of the additional service I hold. Bringing a beautiful but powerful Liver Metal and parasite cleanse program online or inhouse. With options to include micro dosing and journeying of plant medicine please reach out.

This is a deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cleanse. This means you can shift to a frequency that allows healing at all levels and you can live to your highest potential.

I also practise White Light Healing, I am a Residential Social Worker. NLP practitioner. I thrive and guide within the Sacred therapy arena of unlearning and releasing old energy that no longer serves you bringing harmony to the body and mind.

Many blessings Joanne